Some BCAA advice

  1. Some BCAA advice

    No I dont want to know if I should take them rather I am confused about some competing brands. I have taken Relentless from XF however I see things like Extend, ICE and All in One. The question is I All in one contains like every amino, why take the others? I mean should I be focusing on all in one type products? I am going to be cutting or awhile, 18% B or so right now. My split is 4 days with 3-4 days of HIIT.

  2. Depends a little bit on your training, if you are doing fasted cardio in the morning then you may want Leucine only as it will not be used for fuel when glucose runs out.

  3. Tried Xtend watermelon and ICE grape. Both tasted great, i prefer ICE over Xtend just because of the profile and the ingredients come from a good source. I find that EAA (and glutamine) help with my recovery and aid in retaining mass during cutting cycles, which is when i like to really use/dose my BCAAs. Some will argue that if your diet is in check, you dont need any BCAA products but not everyone is perfect. I think the combination of a solid diet and a solid BCAA drink is highly sufficient.

    You can also buy in bulk relatively cheap, taste and solubility aren't the best thats why i don't mind paying the extra bucks for ICE.

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