How Would You Stack These?

  1. How Would You Stack These?

    I just have a question on some supplements that I have in my possession and what would be the best way to stack them. As for me, I'm 35 5ft 8 200lbs, having run cycles off and on for the past ten years. I've been out of the gym for the past two weeks because of an allergic reaction and being on prednisone, which is ok because I really havent had a break in two years. Here's what I have:

    *Bottle of Epistane (obviously my main supplement to base everything else around.

    *Two bottles of RPM

    *Bottle of Drive

    *Bottle of Poseiden

    *Bottle of Activiate Extreme

    *Liver protection and SERM(S), AIs on hand

    Any suggestions?

  2. If it were me i'd run Epi solo or just w/ RPM. With PHs and "regular" supps it's best to run them solo or recomended satck to determine effectiveness. Of course you'll se results on Epi but what decided how much RPM or Drive contribute? I was a non-Responder to RPMbut am goin to try it again with Drive.
    They say DRive and RPM are the perfect combo....soooo i am not you but here is what i would plan.

    Run Epi.
    Use poseidon the whole time along wiht other support supps.
    PCT use your Drive and RPM along with maybe a cort control...? Good luck. I'm guessin your activate Xteme is for PCT.

  3. Yes Actvate Extreme and a SERM. Thanks for the input, appreciate it

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