Hey guys, 2 months in a row i was tested for DHEA-S because i was feeling and looking like crap, and didnt know why. I think all the stimulants i was taking caused this.

Anyways, my Cortisol appears in normal range, though on the higher side, but DHEA-S was WAY below the normal range, so that explains why i was feeling and looking like crap. My face looks puffy and bloated all the time and i cant stand it. I think my GH is low due to my very low DHEA-S levels. My face looks tired and aged and i need to fix and reverse this ASAP.

So i was wondering whats the most quick and effective way to really raise my DHEA-S levels a LOT and fast?

My DHEA-S was "3.6" Ref 7.6 - 17.4
The month before was "2.8"

So i would like to get to over 20.

I just finished Dermacrine, and it lasted me 3 weeks. Im going to get blood work done this week again to see if the Dermacrine raised my DHEA-S, but i dont know because my face is still bloated and puffy all the time.

Im going to double dose Retain 2 and then continue with Relora and Blaze, but im not sure those will really raise my actual DHEA-S levels to the extent i need. These supplements should work to lower my Cortisol though.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.