trust expiration dates?

  1. trust expiration dates?

    How well can expiration dates be trusted consideering you store it a cool and dry place. The reason I ask is that I bought hydroxycut with ephedra about a year ago and I finally decided to use it and I could tell that it lost some of its potentcy. I have taken it before. I looked on the bottle and the expiration date read 06/05. Needless to say I was pissed. So I called Muscletech and they told me that it was impossible and that I should go see a doctor. So I then looked at the other supps that I have laying around and came across some 1ad and the expiration date read 06/05. How do I know if thats not going bad already. I then looked at UCP-1 and it says 06/05. My question is how did you come to that accessment. How accurate is it. Have you done any tests. Just curious not meant to flame.

  2. I think the supps are put through and aging simulator device which determines the expiration date. I'd trust the expiration date, especially from Ergopharm and BDC Nutrition

  3. If the Hydroxycut uses Ephedra and not Ephedrine, then different batches can have different potencies. Ephedra is an herb and some harvestings can yield less potent results. That's why I stuck with Adipo when it was around.

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