Torrent another Universal thread by ME!

  1. Torrent another Universal thread by ME!

    So i am taking quite nicely to these products, Strom and Shock Therapy so far.

    Torrent. Searched and found one mod had used it. Anyone else?

    I know there is alot of post WO drinks but i like to stick to companies that work for me. I may grab this on my next order next month. I had tryin to slam a Whey shake and get all bloated, that is what really got my attention about this in Size's review.

  2. hey man i use torrent, i dont do the three scoops though, i did for a while but it gets a lil pricey, i usually do two scoops torrent one tbsp bulk bcaa's and bout 20gms wms usually does the trick, but its a good pwo drink however you decide to use it, taste isn't bad, recovery feels pretty good and if you figure out a way to make it last a lil longer it doesn't come out as too pricey

  3. Awesome man appreciate it.

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