1st supplement you bought?

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  1. 1st supplement you bought?

    Me and my buddies were talking about this the other day, What was the 1st supplement you bought and how old were you? Most of the guys seemed to be suckered into Cell-Tech from GNC.....

    I remember mine was Precision Engineered (vitamin world cheap stuff) Fruit Punch Creatine and a 2lb Pinnacle Protein. Man I thought I was such a bad a s s.

    I thought it was soo expensive too, I think it was only like $45 or $50.

  2. Weiders Muscle Mass 2000, I think that's what it was called......back in 1992


  3. I think mine was the original EAS Phosphagen. I don't remember if it was 100 or 200 grams. I think it was ~$40 in GNC.

    That was the first I bought, but I used to mooch off of my Dad's stuff (MLO Mus-L-Blast and Weider MRP/Weightgainers).

  4. Designer Whey Protein

  5. It was 1997 and my dad got me some MET-RX micronized creatine.

  6. dat der cell-tech when it first came out - even got dat der effervecent cell-tech... rookie

  7. Creatine monohydrate powder. I think it was ON, but I honestly forgot which brand it was for certain.

  8. BSN True Mass and N.O. Xplode. I remember thinking to myself that the N.O. Xplode was going to be awesome!!! Because it was the only thing I've heard of for awesome gains!!!

    That was sadly December 06 when I weighed in at 167

  9. 5 lbs Natures Best Whey Isolate Vanilla from GNC.

    However my first Nutra purchase or non protein supplement was SNS CVM Xtreme creatine (loved the stuff but has been mia since I had it back then)

  10. Quote Originally Posted by animalkrack3r View Post
    Designer Whey Protein
    Same with me, only mine was strawberry.

  11. Weider Mass Gainer and a couple of bottles of those Protein tablet that came like 500 to a bottle and you were suppose to eat about 20 per serving. Those were tasty. kinda like a chocolate sweet tart but just sweet. back about '90 or '91
  12. Talking

    Whey protein (forget brand, but I remember it tasted like hell), I was 13 (I started young).

  13. Muscle Link creatine *blah*

  14. My first supp was GNC chocolate protein, creatine monohydrate, and arginine in raw form. This was probably about a month after I started working out. The pumps from arginine were awesome. I think all in all it cost me like 65 bucks. I too thought I was a bad ass lol.

  15. i'm too old to remember I think I bought d!ck gregory's bahamian diet first.

    Calories (90 -), Total Fat (2 g), Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium (115 g), Potassium (330 mg), Total Carbohydrate (2 g), Dietary Fiber (1 g), Sugars (1 g), Protein (15 g)

  16. Myoplex MRP

  17. HMB when i was 16. Most effective results i've had to this day.

  18. creatine mono from hi health i hid it in a safe at home from my parents. dad told me that creatine was very dangerous and many people ave died from it

  19. I got you ALL beat....CYBERGENICS...late 80's

    It had the supps, a workout routine, and a cassette tape!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by thewilman View Post
    I got you ALL beat....CYBERGENICS...late 80's

    It had the supps, a workout routine, and a cassette tape!
    hahaha one of my buddies (who went on to do some amateur competitions for a year or two) did that one too.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by thewilman View Post
    I got you ALL beat....CYBERGENICS...late 80's

    It had the supps, a workout routine, and a cassette tape!
    I couldn't afford it

  22. Wow...they still sell it:

    The Complete 60-day workout program leaves no room for error. This package contains 7 state-of-the-art, technologically advanced, growth supplements, a detailed in-depth training guide, and an illustrative VHS-Video (North-American format).

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Mass_69 View Post
    I couldn't afford it
    Yeah..it was super expensive...especially for a teenager! It was like $150. What a waste!

  24. and fairly complex to follow too

  25. Met-RX shakes and Chromium Picolinate, I swore I was gonna look just like those guys in the pictures holding up newspapers. I drank it right out of the blender like i was tough LOL


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