Tongkat Ali questions

  1. Tongkat Ali questions

    I have a couple bottles of the 1:50 extract 400mg by sumatra pasak sitting around that I wanted to dig into this winter while my test sinks to its normal sub par winter level. What is the best way to optimize this product in terms of amount/ day, with or without food, 1 time a day compared with split doses? What is a proper length for a cycle? Also, is there anything synergistic to stack with the tongkat? I have heard MACA might be good, but any ideas are appreciated. Thanks guys.

    For dosing purposes, my body comp is 5'10" 172 lbs, 7.5%bf.

  2. Tongkat Ali is good, especially the brand you have. I have taken as much as 3600mg per day for a month straight. Depending on how many bottles you have that dose worked good for me, not so much as weight gain, but gym aggresion and strength went way up around my 2nd week. There are different dose regimes. I ran my mine straight but alot of people recommended 5 on 2 off. I would start dosing at 1600mg and move up if you need to. There aren't supplements that work syngestically with it just a good diet high in healthy fats. You could pick up some DHB and Bioperine for absorbtion and take the supplement with grapefruit juice. I would spread the dose evenly throughout the day 4 equal doses with one within 1 hour before your workout.

    Also you could also try Nutraplants LongJax it may be a superior Eurycoma Longafolia supplement.

  3. Thanks for the response. Do you recommend taking it along with food or on an empty stomach?

  4. Hey,

    I'm taking long jack right now too. I'm taking Diesel Test Hardcore in intervals throughout the day (3 times). I have a bottle of long jack that I ordered from nutraplanet, I've taken 800 mg a day for the past 2 days, one dose. I don't have a set dose yet.

    I'll let you know how the 6 oxo is working with the long jack though, maybe you'll want to give it a go.

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