Jungle Warfare at 18?

  1. Jungle Warfare at 18?

    I just turned 18, and bought Jungle Warfare. I am on my second day. After reading about the ingredient debate, I am on the rocks about continuing using it. I am mostly concerned about long-term effects. I dont want to mess up my development. What do you guys think.

    P.S.: I have been involved in the gym over 2 years. My training and diet is good. I have squatted 400lbs for 3 reps before. I also benched a max of 275 once, under extremely good conditions. I'm also 5'8", 185 lbs, an estimated 13% bodyfat(I have the top abs visable).

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. As Jmh80 the chemical engineer - I'd stop now. 2 days isn't enough to make many changes.

    Just too many chances at who knows what.

  3. yeah, stop. not worth risking any of that crap, and you probly have enough test now

  4. I would listen to what the other members said, it would behoove you to stop taking JW.

  5. Just wanted to commend the dude for coming on and asking the question - rather than assuming he knows everything (as all 18 yr old males do ).

  6. I agree, it's why the thread is still open.

  7. Thanks for the replies guys. You saved me a lot of worry. I am glad to see you guys giving me decent answers, instead of just no.

  8. A good lesson to learn from this is to come on the board and research before you buy. You can save a lot of money that way and stay safe.

    Good luck man.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    I would listen to what the other members said, it would behoove you to stop taking JW.
    x's 2.



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