Help for MAX-OT program

  1. Help for MAX-OT program

    Hi there,

    This week I started MAX-OT program, but because it's written many times that a work out mustn't exceed 30-45min, I split half of the train; one part day 1; second part day 3. So I must train in a week : 2 times a day for 4day and one time a day for 2 day.

    But, I'll finish this week, to judge how much I can lift in each excercice and I'll really start next week the 5x/week, like it's in the website

    But my questions are :

    1. When I do my 5 warm up sets (as it's written in the program), is the "30-45 mins" of work out starting ? Or we consider that only when I start the FIRST SETS (that induce growth) I start the work out ?

    2. It's designed to train a main muscle group and a "secondary" each day, but, in general, the secondary muscles group is needed (I mean, we use it) when we do our main muscle groups exercices. (for exemple, when I train shoulder, I use traps on every exercices).
    So, must we warm-up the secondary muscle group before starting the "secondary muscles groups exercices" ?

    3. Must we warm abs ?

    4. Not really about MAX-OT, but, if coming back home I eat "foods" like ham, chicken breast etc, and not inevitably whey, do it work well ?

    5. What do you "advice me" to take (food and supps) before and after workout and how ?


  2. 1) Workout starts after warming up. You do not need to warm up for every exercise as outlined in the directions. Once you warm up chest for your first exercise, you do not need to warm it up on your second or third exercise. These workouts are extremely short and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to finish them within 30-45 minutes. Keep your rest intervals 45-60 seconds and DO NOT warm up for every individual lift.

    2) You are overthinking this. If you are using a secondary muscle during a lift, it is already warmed up, thus there is no reason to start from 0 and warm it up again

    3) I quickly warm up abs b/c mine cramp up horribly if i don't when I perform weighted situps

    4)Waxy maize + aminos immediately after my lift. 20 minutes I pound a whey shake. 30 minutes to an hour later, then a PWO meal. This is highly recommended


  3. 1. Agree with Elcid here, except you may consider longer rest. 2-3 minutes between sets is recommended for maximum recovery. I only rest about 1 min. between warmup sets to save time because power is not as critical while warming up.

    2. Again, I agree with Elcid.

    3. I don't warmup abs and I haven't had a problem. Everyone is different, so go with what works for you.

    4. 2 scoops whey, 5g creatine monohydrate, 5g glutamine, 30-40g dextrose, 5g bcaa. That's my post-workout shake. Oatmeal with berries or whole grain cereal with berries and skim milk goes down about an hour or so after workout. 2.5-3 hours later I have a single scoop protein shake and a couple handfuls of trail mix. The 3 hour window post workout is key.

    5. Pre workout shake is identical to post workout shake, except without the bcaa.

    To the first part of your post, do not screw with the workouts like that. There is no need at all to break things up into double workouts everyday. If you sign up for the Max-OT course at, they will hold your hand and walk you through every step. Follow their recommended workouts exactly as written, unless you have an injury you need to be careful of. They've pretty much perfected the methodology, so don't mess with it. They really do all the set up for you.

    If you eat right and follow Max-OT correctly, I don't think you'll find a more effective or fun way to build muscle. If possible, find a workout partner to do it with you.

  4. I like max ot alot and it's helped me out, but the whole 4-6 rep range is their theory, and doesnt agree with the majority of exercise science organizations out there. I do two warm-ups, 1 acclimation set, and then 3 working sets of 6-8 reps.

    You will gain alot of strength, but most likely not too much mass on this plan. My reasoning behind this is this:

    1-5 reps is mainly for strength gains
    6-12 reps is mainly for size gains
    12+ is mainly for endurance gains.

    The wait inbetween sets for max ot is prescribed as 2min minimum. Whereas research shows that growth results from resting times of 30sec minimum to a 2min maximum. The cause of this is optimal bllod levels of HGH and testosterone. Waiting above 2 min allows for more creatine and ATP to be resynthesized for more force output. I am always ready to start my set at 90sec after the last one but psych myself up mentally before i begin and start just before the 2min mark. Make sure the exercises are performed under control and focus on the muscles youre using.

    Hope this helps you, and good luck.

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