Pulsing Halodrol 50

  1. Question Pulsing Halodrol 50


    knowing that I always train in the early evening,
    which is the best for pulsing H 50 (25 mg caps)?
    -1 cap 30 min before workout and another just after
    -2 caps 30 min before workout

    Thanks for your comments

  2. I do no think that halo is good for pulsing. The pulsing method is usually applied to stuff that contains harsh sides.
    Halo is very slow, very very slow acting. If ran straight, the gains will usually appear around the 3rd to 4th week, and even in pct.

    1st dose: morning
    2nd pose: pre or post

    That is what I would do, but might wait and compare to what others would have done.

  3. HALO should (IMO) be run straight... but if you want to pulse it, first I say go to 75mgs and dose 1 in the morning and 2 an hour before you work out. But that's just how I would do it.
  4. Smile I appreciate your help guys

    Thanks for the info

    By the way is it better to take Halo with or without fat?

    I've been on Halo for 2 weeks now (pulsing 4X/week at 50mg pre workout) but I can't feel any strength boost for the moment...

    What's wrong?

  5. Even though it is a methylated product, efa is a good addition to aid in absorption. I think grapefruit juice may help also.

    Well, halo is a very slow acting. That is why halo is a bad choice for pulsing. Just run it straight.

    And you do are running such supplements for liver, bp and so on right?

  6. Lightbulb

    Well, I think I will take your advice and do a regular cycle.
    As regards liver support, this is my stack:

    Perfect Cycle (by AX) ingredients actually...
    Milk Thistle NOW: 2 pills (dosed at 300mg so 600mg)
    NAC NOW: 2pills (dosed at 600mg so 1200mg)
    ALA NOW: 1 pill (250mg)

    I take this at breakfast and dinner

    I also have some LIV52 but don't know how to use it properly

    Any (sound) advice appreciated

  7. I was thinking about pulsing H-Drol to avoid the pumps, and because my gains were best during weeks 4/5, which were the last week of the cycle and first week fo PCT.

  8. I'd never run a hdrol pulse cycle. If it takes 3-4 weeks to kick in during a conventional cycle i see little benefit in pulsing it

  9. Let us know what the results are on this. I haven't seen anyone pulse straight H-drol by itself yet and who knows, maybe it will work? I would personally do 100mg 4x per week and not expect anything until week 3-4.

  10. what were your resolts from pulsing hdrol?


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