Little Help Plz: Fat Burner and MRP

  1. Little Help Plz: Fat Burner and MRP

    Good evening, gentlemen. I need some recommendations if you'd be so kind.

    In the last year I have once again decomposed from close to 200lbs and lean to about 185 and a bit soft. I've been way too busy to work out and eat well consistently, and it doesn't help that I spend a minimum of 2hrs commuting every day.

    I'm trying my best to be as close to 100% dedicated as I possibly can, and I'm looking to pick up some good MRPs for the inevitable times that I will not have access to food, time to eat it, etc. I figure that if I need to, I can sip on an MRP during class, but I can't eat tuna on whole wheat.

    I'm also looking to pick up a good fat burner to take once I get down to around 10% and need a little kick to keep shedding fat.

    I know it is lazy to just ask for advice instead of searching, but I've paid my dues helping others over the last couple of years, and my little precious time here is generally spent in the MMA forum.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey bro! I hear what yo are saying about the decomposing thing, LOL!! I did the same crap my self, and then had to go into BIG TIME strict and hard core dieting and training to get back in shape!! Anywho, if it helps any, the shake that I use is Muscle Milk Banana Creme RTD. The fat burner I've been using is Venom HD 3.0 + ThyrogenX. I also use other supps that might have added to the huge amount of lard that I shed! Those are Retain2, Restore, and Just recently started incorporating AP. Well hope that helps a bit, and good luck on you getting back in shape:bb3: ! You've been there before, and know what it takes to get it done, just hard work and dedication! I put up some B4 and after pics of the last 2.5 months of my dieting and training to get back into it! Take a look if you'd like,.....mand I really had let myself go! LOL!!

  3. If your diet is good.. you are well on your way.

    You could check out the Leviathan/DCP stack - a combination of stim/caffeine-free fat burner.. should rip you up nicely.

    Others I liked:

    Amp or Cytolean with Thyrotabs

    Fishoil/green tea/sesamin/bcaas or eaas could be a good addition as well, and creatine to maintain strength.

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