How long until protein goes "bad"

  1. How long until protein goes "bad"

    I buy in bulk, 10lbs of optimum at a time, in dif flavors, and always get sick of them, so buy more and use those. How long until, if ever, does protein go bad?

  2. I would say several factors such as additional ingredients and moistrue levels contribute to how long protein would last. I havent got the slightest clue the ballpark figure in 'time', how long a protein powder source would last since it was manufactured, but the consensus might lie in the "look at the coloring and smell of the powder to see if its off". If someone had actual data from research, that would be helpful. Just try your best to keep the stuff from exposure to sunlight and air.

  3. At least 6 months according to the expiration date on my protein, it's 100% Whey

  4. woah it has an expiration date??? never thought of that

  5. Originally posted by Jonblaze639
    woah it has an expiration date??? never thought of that
    LOL bro, they should have a date. Some dates are too damm small to see depending on the brand you're buying

  6. lol someone get the old guy some reading glasses

    mine's also 6 months
  7. Re: How long until protein goes "bad"

    I still have 2 protein powders from 4 years ago......(2 big ass containers)
    Do you think I should just trash them?
    It smells and looks fine.......

  8. mine don't ever last long enough for them to go bad...!

  9. the exp dates are usually very very conservative, though 4 years is probably a little too long. usually I'd say even up to 4-6 months past the exp date on the product is okay, considering you are storing it properly. this is actually true of most things (except milk, heheh) in that companies tend to play it rather safe when it comes to their stuff going bad.


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