You want me to do what?

  1. You want me to do what?

    Drink these god aweful MRPs again. I have had some rank MRPs in my time and I decided I would take a break from them. Now though, I think it's best I go back to them as my diet and lifestyle wont really allow me to spend a lot of time making my own.

    What is the best tasting MRP?
    What is the best nutritional MRP?
    What is the most price effective MRP?

    I am looking to lean bulk and at times cut up. Call me crazy but I always liked Strawberry Myoplex.

  2. BSN Syntha-6

  3. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    BSN Syntha-6
    Easily Syntha 6 for taste, and Pro Complex for nutritional value.

  4. thats it you heard right! .......discussion done, topic closed.

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