Anything to help BSN True Mass mix?

  1. Anything to help BSN True Mass mix?

    I have some Chocolate BSN True Mass thats mixing like crap.
    After mixing it with Milk, it usually only takes a little less than a minute of it sitting for the powder to solidifie and bubble and the top. I've tried using a Shaker Cup and just using a Spoon.

  2. Do you put in powder or liquid first?
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  3. Try buying a Magic Bullet Blender and you will love it!

  4. Thanks for the quick responses guys.

    I put in powder, than milk, than shake.

    And a blender would be good, but that'd make just one more thing to clean from a simple shake.

  5. Put in liquid, then powder.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Put in liquid, then powder.
    Seriously? Couldn't hurt I guess, I'll give it a shot.

  7. Tried the Liquid, than powder attempt with no luck.
    Keep getting the same unmixed crap float to the top and bubble.
    Any other tricks out there for mixing?

  8. blenders your best bet.

  9. Blender is the only way I could get it to not make a Glob on the top. But I also added Oats and a banana and some natty peanut butter.


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