Large amounts of bulk protein...

  1. Large amounts of bulk protein...

    So currently I'm buying 10lbs at a time of Protein Customizer's 40% egg, 40% casein, 20% malto at approximately $4 a pound. As I'm starting to implement Doggcrapp's ideas on massive protein consumption, I believe 10 lbs will last me 20 days or less.

    Any way I'm gonna find protein cheaper than that, or am I just going to have to deal with it?

  2. You'll have to cut out the middle man, and find a manufacturer of protein...

    You can get the Casein here -

    Tons of other proteins and maltodextrin here -

  3. Universal's 30lb Milk and Egg can be purchased from Muscleshoppe for 125.00 I believe, with free shipping that's approx $4 per lb like you mentioned but there's no malto in it... works for me

  4. I would have to say $4 lb is a great price that you are getting from customizer...

  5. Are you getting any additional proetin from your diet ? That seems like a hell of a lot of protein for 20 days if you get more protein from your diet, otherwise you'll be okay. BTW legal gear has 10 lbs. of Optimum Whey at $41, that's a pretty damm good price ($4.10 per pound)

  6. Yeah, I eat ridiculous amounts of food each day. That's a damn good price on Optimum, by the way... but I only use whey post workout. Otherwise it's a trip to the crapper for me.

  7. I think you can get away with using more whey if you slam a shake every 1.5-2 hours

  8. Just be sure to drink massive amounts of water. Yor kidney's will thank you for it.
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  9. Originally posted by Jcc
    Doggcrapp's ideas on massive protein consumption
    can someone please tell me what that means or the thread its referring to?

  10. His diet theory in a nutshell.... massive protein intake (2g per lb body weight), carbs and fats to add calories during the day, then trace to low carbs at night. Anyways, that explanation does it no justice; read the 'cycles for pennies' thread on Animal's board... it's a long but amazing read.
  11. ???

    ok i am an idiot. what is the url for animal's website?

  12. Go with protein customizer, they are top-notch in their products and customer service. I believe you wouild be hard-pressed to match their prices on quality proteins.

    In my opinion, I would not buy the blends that they sell. Just buy the pure proteins and add the carbs yourself. I like to add alot of ground up oatmeal for the best carb source available.

    This is what I do :

    Milk isolate + ground up oatmeal + flax oil when I wake.
    Milk isolate + ground up oatmeal + flax oil before meal 3.
    CFM whey isolate + dextrin postworkout.
    Micellear cassein + oatmeal at bedtime.

    prices are :

    milk isolate ................4.75lb
    CFM........................... 7.00lb
    Micellear cassein.........8.75lb

    Oh yeah, skip the extra dollar a lb for the flavoring. If you want something that tastes good, buy nestle quick. This ain't gonna taste yummy, but do you want results or taste.... suck it up.

    1 lb nets about 10-11 servings of protein.

    You can't beat these prices for flexibility of proteins, ability to custom tailor the protein absorption rates, and pure quality of proteins.

    Of course this is my opinion


  13. Like I said in the original post, I'm using Customizer's 40% egg, 40% casein, 20% malto. Thanks anyways though. I take my protein unflavored, sir.

    lvtrojan- check out

    search for the 'cycles for pennies' thread. It's 89 pages of reading, but WELL worth it

  14. Hey Jcc, you can get some Splenda at Costco and use it to give your protein a better flavor if you get bored of unflavored protein

  15. Originally posted by Jcc
    It's 89 pages of reading

    Jesus. It's a friggin book. Heh, i'll have to print it out and sit down with it

  16. "Any way I'm gonna find protein cheaper than that, or am I just going to have to deal with it?"

    Sorry to get your panties in a wad... why'd you post this?


  17. Because I'm a cheap bastard.


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