I was doing some thinking tonight about how to use the supps I have to the best effect...

Currently I'm doing a Epi pulse, planning for 6 more weeks of that.

After the Epi pulse, going to run a month of PCT which'll include Nolva, X-Lean, & PowerFULL.

Now, what I had planned after PCT was to take a month off then do two months of JW.

But, what do you guys think about this plan?

JW for one month, not really bulking but keeping in a caloric surplus. Doing a volume hypertrophy program to solidify the mass gains I got from the Epi pulse.

Then go straight into a month of cutting, while still on JW. I'll be megadosing BCAA's and such.

Then 2 weeks off JW. Then one month straight cycle of Epistane, 30mg/day. To really keep my strength and mass up while cutting. I'll include cycle support during the Epi cycle, and run Torem afterwards.

The big question is, how much stress is the 8 weeks of jungle warfare going to put on my liver? Two weeks enough of a break to go from JW to Epi, or is that just too much with too little time in between?

Here's the plan:

Week 1-4: JW + Anabolic Pump, Slow Recomp
Week 5-8: JW, cut
Week 9-10: Off, cut
Week 11-14: Epi + Cycle Support, cut
Week 15-18: Torem, X-Lean, PowerFULL,