RPM + ? = lean muscle gains

  1. RPM + ? = lean muscle gains

    im currently midway thru a bottle of RPM, and I havent really seen any results; however, i have gotten stronger. Im looking to cut some body fat and build lean muscle. I just bought a tub of pure creatine monohydrate along with some Tribulus to see if that helps. I have heard some good things about epistane..would RPM + Epistane be a good stack..along with creatine mono and trib:bb3: ? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

  2. What does your diet look like? RPM will enhance your workouts and most likely be more apt to give quicker results in the 'fat-loss' and subcutaneous water-loss department and the lean mass increases will... or should happen over prolonged use of the product after maybe 4 weeks. It all depends on your diet, the timing of your macronutrients, and the type of workout you're doing. If you want a better answer and a possible solution to achieve your goal, take some time and post as much about your diet, training and other habits and I'm sure several people, including myself, will help point you in the right direction.
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  3. Well..im 6ft/ 210 lbs..ive been able to increase in mass the last couple of months..but just cant get the def i want. I think i have a pretty good workout routine..I alternate every week with heavy and light weights..one week ill go heavy with 4 sets..6-8-10-12 reps and the next week ill do light weight..10-12-15-20 and (monday= shoulders and traps..tuesday = chest and light tris..wed = back and legs..thursday = bis and tris..friday = shoulders..and sat= chest)..as you can tell..i want to try and build my chest and shoulders more, so i do them twice a week. As for my diet..every morning before work ill have a protein shake with 3 egg whites, oatmeal, banana and 60 grams whey and pb&j sandwich along with some multi-vitamin and BCAA.ill have a protein bar (balance or detour) or whey protein shake in between meals..and usually have a sandwich or fish for lunch..before i workout ill have a protein shake, BCAA and RMP..after i workout ill take creatine mono, and the same protein shake i have in the morning..followed my a light meal (usually beans..since im mexican..and fish or meat) and a yogurt/cottage cheese before bed..and thats it..

    thanks again for the feedback
  4. Wink

    i have the exact same problem.
    im not using RPM but im adding LOTS of mass with:
    white blood
    green bulge
    whey and casein proteins
    i think the thing is that there is alot of water keeping us from good definition (not fat) due to creatine or something else.
    ditch the water retention and keep going with rpm and watch
    yourself lean out

  5. RPM+IGF-2 or NeoVar.
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  6. RPM + Food and Rest

    Working out harder means you need to eat more and rest better...

    That simple. enjoy


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