baking supps

  1. baking supps

    i have a bottle of retain that has been baking in my car for the last day. its been pretty hot lately. should i toss the bottle or is it still effective?

  2. how hot? u in san jose? because its not that hot here man.

  3. id say its about 85,90 degrees.

  4. were they left in direct sun light?

  5. unless it was on the dash of your car you should be fine but I would go ahead and take it out of the car.

  6. its definitely out of the car now. it was sitting in the back seat, so yea it was in sunlight.

  7. I'd still use it. I don't think it will be hurt that bad. Smell it. If it smells like fanny don't use it. Compare it's smell to a bottle you didn't cook.

  8. ok. thanks for the help, bro. do all supps start to stink when they go bad?

  9. Most do, Take aspirin for instance, It will smell real sour when it goes bad. Then again Cheese always smells. Kinda like my feet.

  10. lol, thanks for your help bro.


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