jw dosage, cycle length

  1. jw dosage, cycle length

    well i posted this in alri's forum and didn't get any responses so i thought id go ahead and post it up here, im wanna run mass fx and jungle warfare for 12 weeks would it be okay to run the jungle warfare at 4 caps ed for the full twelve or is it too much for too long btw weight=200 lean 5'10"

  2. bump... how come it seems like u guys dont wanna touch this question with a ten foot pole... lol, theres gotta be someone knowledgeable who can give me either an a-ok or no go on this

  3. I wouldn't run JW any longer than 8 weeks.

  4. An ideal stack would be something like this...

    JW Week 1-8
    Mass FX 1-12
    Hyperdrol X2 8-12

    Since reports of shutdown/steroidal effects of JW vary so widely I think it would be a good idea to run a natural test booster(hyperdrol X2) for your last 4 weeks.

  5. if you are paranoid then go for 3 weeks post cycle therapy with just an AI(ex. 25mg ATD or 300mg 6oxo), but i really dont think its nessesary thou.

    btw i think its a better to go for 8 weeks, you might be bored of JW before the stack ends otherwise hehe

  6. yeah my original plan was to just run the ax mass stack subbing in the jungle warfare for hx2, and run the jungle warfare at 4 caps ed and it would still be cheaper then running the hx2, but i like the idea of the 8 wk jw then 4 weeks hx2 i think i might try that out, thanks for the input guys im really excited for this especially since i saw fantastic results from just jw at 3 caps ed for only a month..


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