My Plan

  1. My Plan

    Week one of a 6 week test

    Starting off at 5'8 155 pounds. Around 10% body fat.

    Gonna post pictures at the end of each week to chart progress

    Supplements are as follows

    San tight in the morning before workout(Maybe stack with some liquid clen not sure if thats a good idea yet)

    Post workout
    San V12
    Syntrax Nectar 2 scoops with 12 oz grape juice

    2 hours later

    2 scoops San Fusion with skim milk

    2 other clean meals throught out the day

    Low cal yougurt as a snack

    Molecular Nutrition Micelar before bed.

    3 weight training days per week

    3 cardio days 25-30 mins on a treadmill min of 2 miles each time out.

    I think I have the supplements in a good order if not let me know.

  2. What other foods are eating bro ? If you're not eating veggies or oatmeal than I'd recommend those as the bulk of your carb calories. The Molecular Nutrition Micellar is too expensive IMO, you can get a quality and cheaper Micellar Casein at Protein Customizer. If you're not taking a multivitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant supplement than I'd recomend that as well

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