heck out my fat loss stack and give me your opinion

  1. heck out my fat loss stack and give me your opinion

    I am looking to drop about 4-6% bf. I am 5'-11" and 196lb w/ 32" waist. Most fat is lower abs and side. Not much but its not like Im all happy with looking in the mirror.

    I am looking at one of the following, let me know your thoughts.

    1. Leviathan+DCP

    2. Liquid clen/ketotifen (maybe leviathan to)

    3. liquid clen/benedryl/DCP

    A little background.

    I am already taking Armour Thyroid 2g/day for hypo
    Test-e 100mg/week for TRT.
    Liquid-dex for E2
    Lisinopril for slightly elevated BP, 140/85 +/-.

    Also, looking for something that will give me crazy pumps and make them last. I take creatine and pumps are ok but last only about 1-2 hours. Cant wait for your imputs.

  2. Opps, suppose to be check out.........

    Forgot to mention

    Diet is pretty good, 1 eat day a week. Protein med./high, cards/ medium/fats low.

    Workout pretty strong, hate cardio so on somedays I do HITT and someday I will do a cycle workout, upper body one exercise after the other w/ 30 sec rest. I do this 3-4 times.

  3. Leviathin & DCP should be a really good combo since it will shed fat and help you hold onto muscle as well. Not sure about using Clen, seems to have some side effects which would keep me away from using it. I'd go with option 1 before you tried using Clen. See how that works for you first.

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