Tribulus 40 % Protodioscin and a high amount of Steroidal Saponins

  1. Tribulus 40 % Protodioscin and a high amount of Steroidal Saponins

    In last month's "Natural Bodybuilding" magazine it said, I didnt see the study, that for Tribulus to work a high amount Steroidal Saponins and 40% Protodioscin or higher is required. Does anyone have or seen the research on this?
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  2. back in the late 90's, I referred to this company for their stuff.. A little more expensive supps, but hey, I was uninformed.. Anyway, this is where I first read about the min. 40% protodioscin..


    MOD EDIT: yeah, it kinda is. There are lots of sources for that material though.

  3. PM Chuck Diesel. His products are Tribulus based.

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