Emu Oil Helps Tendonitis (at least in my case)

  1. Emu Oil Helps Tendonitis (at least in my case)

    Hey Bro's,

    I've been playing hardball for the first time in 22 years and developed a bad case of bicep/forearm tendonitis from pitching too hard too fast. I've tried everything from topical DMSO to Chondrotin/Glucosamin, MSM, Bromelain, Devil's claw, and Motrin/asprin as well as analgesic rubs. Even went to a PT for 6 weeks.

    Still I would have severe pain even after resting 2 weeks. As soon as I played a game or threw hard I would feel the pain return.

    Last week I went out and bought some 100% Emu oil at Vitamin Shoppe.

    I'm sure you can get it cheaper on line but I was driving by the store to the batting cage and said what the hell, let's try one more crap solution.

    Well holy ****, from the first time I rubbed it on my arm I had no real pain. Some achiness here and there but no real throbbing or sharp pain. And this is 2 days after a game when it was hurting while throwing so I know it wasn't just healing.

    I've threw off the mound hard last Wednesday and today still applying the Emu oil

    before and after a workout and probably 3 times a day throughout the day.

    NO PAIN whatsoever after throwing.

    Anyway for you guys with tendonitis issues this may help you too.

    I wouldn't have believed it but I'm gonna keep using it and update the thread on any positive or negative effects.

  2. hehehe, every heard of super blue stuff? They had infomercials for it a while back...it was advertised for pain and is pretty much just emu oil.

  3. I've seen it in the drug store. I believe it has about 5% Emu oil.

    and then the rest was menthol etc. Same old icy hot crap.

    What I'm using is 100 % pure refined Emu oil.

  4. this is actually pretty interesting to me, especially considering your numerous unsuccessful attempts prior to the emu oil... thanks for the info Blacksmith, I might give it a "what the hell" shot too at some point.

  5. Thanks for the info Blacksmith. You got me thinking about incorporating emu oil into my trandermal joint mix.

  6. Originally posted by bow
    Thanks for the info Blacksmith. You got me thinking about incorporating emu oil into my trandermal joint mix.
    Not a bad idea bro !

    I will be throwing tomorrow during practice and again on Friday.

    So I'll update what I experience. I have even dropped the ibuprofen before a workout and just take a couple of aspirin.

    Sunday we have a game so that will really be the test.

    I still only half believe it, because it was such a profound change.

  7. Originally posted by Biggs
    this is actually pretty interesting to me, especially considering your numerous unsuccessful attempts prior to the emu oil...
    We are talking month's here bro, since early march I have had pain. I have tried everything. Heat compresses before throwing, stretching, throwing light for 20 minutes. Nothing worked. Everytime I let loose, bang bicep tightness and sharp pain. The last two times out pitching after applying the oil, zero tightness and no pain.  Now I still have achiness later but that's normal for throwing hard especially at 38 yrs old. Kind of like the normal aches after a good workout. But the severe throbbing and sharp pain just stopped. So who knows exactly what it's doing but I'm not complaining.

  8. amazed it's working so well, be sure to try to update us after the game this weekend. good luck

  9. Here's a nice testimonial I found.

    Athlete Pain Relief

    Youth Exercise Services Inc. (YES Inc.) is a non-profit conditioning center. We develop and implement general and sports specific conditioning programs for youth and young adults of all physical and mental abilities. In 1998, we were introduced to a new product called emu oil. The individual made no big clams except that we would be surprised as to the relief it could give to our athletes with strained and sprained muscles. Being a lifter myself and knowing the pain of muscle soreness, I purchased a bottle. Well much to my surprise the dealer was not quite right. Surprise, was an understatement as to the relief the oil gave to me following exercise. It was the first time in years that my joints did not hurt and the muscles were almost pain free. I was so excited by the oil I started using it on our athletes. Over the past two years we have used the emu oil on close to 100 athletes all with the same results, reduced pain and muscle soreness following heavy exercise sessions. We also use the oil on injuries. The results here are remarkable. The athletes seem to recover much faster resulting in athletes returning to action sooner than anticipated. We have been very pleased with the results of using emu oil. The oil is absorbed into the skin quickly, leaving no oily residue or odor. All you receive is a pleasant tingling sensation and pain reduction as the oil penetrates the area. We at YES Inc. feel this is one of the most beneficial products ever to come out on the market. We recommend it to all of our athletes be they power lifters, soccer players or weekend warriors. If you have a pain due to injury, stress or over exercising, try a rub down with emu oil. You will be surprised with the results. Stop by the YES Inc. Sports and Conditioning Center located at 123 West Main Street, Fruitland, MD., to see how we use emu oil.

    Fred A. Vanderveen, [email protected], Founder/CEO YES Inc.,

  10. Interesting stuff. I'd be interested in an update from you as well.
  11. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    Very interesting, I've been experiencing what I think is tendonitis in the top of my forearms where they insert into my elbows (seems to be aggravated by doing power cleans) and also in my right delt, it seems to be inbetween the front and middle head, which is giving me fits doing bench press.

    I'm curious Blacksmith, if you're still using this stuff, and how it's worked for you through the end of your baseball season?

    Also, are the results analgesic (pain relief) or do you feel it's actually helped to heal your tendonitis?


  12. The Emu oil helped reduce the inflamation of the bicep tendonitis. It also took away the pain. The problem was I kept aggravating the condition without letting it rest. It helps in the healing process but is not a substitute for rest. I didn't get complete relief until I let it rest after the season ended last month. Now it seems fine. Next season I will use the Emu oil before any pitching workout from the start of the season. I will also use it after pitching a game with ice.

    The bench press issue sounds like an impingement of the rotator cuff, probably due to not warming up properly and stretching that area sufficiently. My PT says he sees this sort of problem at almost epidemic levels in bodybuilders.

    If I were you I'd get a good physical therapist and get a stretching program from him.

    Also for the tendonitis in your arm, get a good stretching program. Use the Emu oil and a  thera-band conditioning program (also available from a PT).

  13. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    Blacksmith, thanks.

    On the bench press..........

    On the warm=ups, I religiously do a minimum of 5 (beginning with an empty olympic bar x 20 reps) and have ever since coming back from a complete pec major avulsion, same sholder. I don't know if it's the rotator cuff, honestly but I don't think so. I say this because the motion created by the rotator cuff, i.e. the twisting of the humerus causes no pain. The pain seems to originate out away from the joint, and in the delt itself, at about the point of maximum eccentric contraction, but again, I can't say it isn't rotator cuff. I don't think I've done anything to injure the rotator cuff. I just took 2 weeks off of bench pressing, the pain is much better but not completely gone. I did pick up a product that has blue emu listed in it, as the 3rd ingredient. I'll use that until gone and see if it helps.

    On the stretching......

    I've heard more bad things about stretching BEFORE working out than after. So I do all the warm up sets, my work out poundages, then stretch a bit afterwards.

  14. Originally posted by PC1
    On the stretching......

    I've heard more bad things about stretching BEFORE working out than after. So I do all the warm up sets, my work out poundages, then stretch a bit afterwards.
    Agreed. I have injured myself (mildly) by stretching, since the ROM during a stretch can exceed what is safe for the joint. I typically advise doing exercises to stretch the muscles. For example, do triceps extensions to stretch the biceps. This seems to avoid overextension of a joint.

  15. i noticed emu oil on my last trip to sams club, went with the generic glucosamine and chondroitin though, haven't taken any yet.

    dont remember the price on the emu oil, but sams is usually a decent deal.

  16. I picked up a small bottle of Emu oil (that stuff is expensive) Tuesday and tried it on the back of my right knee. The tendons (or something) back there have been bothering me for a couple months. It's now Sunday and the pain seems to be 90% gone. I believe that stuff works!

    PS: I have been using Glucosamine/Chondroitin for a couple years now, so this was a benefit beyond what I could get with them.

  17. what was your experience with glucosimine/chondroitin?

  18. Originally posted by Beta BBer
    what was your experience with glucosimine/chondroitin?
    I believe it works very well if you use a good brand and adequate dosage. The problem with the tendons behind my knee was the first I've had that did not "heal." (Perhaps because it was a "tendon" problem, rather than a "joint" problem.) Incidentally, for information regarding Glucosamine/Chondroitin, including test results and recommendations, check out this site (link).

  19. Emu oil didn't do anything for me. Great moisturizer for my skin though.


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