Is Cycle Support necessary in PCT?

  1. Is Cycle Support necessary in PCT?

    Im starting an epistane pulse cycle for my first cycle. The cycle looks like this.

    Week 1-10,10,20,20
    Week 2-20,20,30,30
    Week 3-30,30,40,40
    Week 4-40,30,30,20
    Week 5- 40mg Nolva
    Week 6-40mg Nolva
    Week 7- 20mg Nolva
    Week 8- 20mg Nolva

    My support supps consist of-

    Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support @ 2 scoops a day
    [email protected] 3g a day

    My question comes in for PCT. I see many people say cycle support should be taken. Im wondering if I require cycle support for such a light cycle. I am considering using NOW's Liver Detox& Regenerator due to cost. It contains 800mg of milk thistle extract and many other herbals.

    My PCT would look like
    NOW Liver [email protected] 6(2 servings a day.. 1600mg of milk thistle extract)
    Activate Xtreme @ 4/day
    Lean Xtreme @ 3/day
    Taurine @ 3g a day

    Is this sufficient or do I REALLY need cycle support? The NOW product would save me some cash and with such a light cycle where cycle support was used, I am wondering if this NOW product(which looks solid) is sufficient.


  2. It is not needed, but it is better than the liver detox stuff. I would also frontload the cycle support or milk thistle for 2 weeks prior to the cycle.

    Guys use cycle support year round for good reason....

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