Hi I’m new to posting here but I’ve been reading the forums for the last few months. I’ve learned a decent amount from reading alone but I could do with some advice please.

I’m 31, 5’10 and 190lbs. I’ve been training on and off for five years, i've been doing four days a week for the last year. I’ve had some reasonable results using the usual supps creatine ext but I wanted to up the gains a bit.

I’m planning to use a PH for the first time.
From what I have read is seems a sensible idea to do a pulse for my first experience to see what sides I get ext. So I’ve purchased the following

Retain 2
Hyperdrol x2
Mass FX

I’ve also bought some Liquid nolva & Liquid clomi should it be required.

My plan is to do a 2 on 2 off pulse for 6 weeks using the recommended doses of epi and then move to the hyperd x2 + mass fx from week 7 for four weeks.

Epistane + retain 2 on days off
W1 20/20/30/30
W2 30
W3 40 to
W6 40
W7 - 10 HDX2 + MFX

I know I should take the retain 2 on off days in the morning and early afternoon and the HDX2 on a evening but shoud i also use the MFX on the off days or just save it until week 7?

Is there a way of knowing wthin myself if I should throw in the nolva or clomi on week 7 before moving hyperd + mfx? I'm finding it hard to understand if/when when a SREM is required when pulsing. Noeborns very helpful epi FAQ's dosent have it where some epi logs do? Is it just a safety net for gyno and shutdown? Should i use it anyway to be safe or should i save it for a regular cycle? I've read and re-read DR.D top post on how to pulse orals but i'm just not getting this bit.

is there anything missing?

too many questions!

Any help, advice or recommendations would be well appreciated thanks.

Getting well exited about stating this cycle now……