where can I put together a custom suppliment...

  1. where can I put together a custom suppliment...

    I know I could mix bulk powders myself but Im looking for a place that I can order the pre mixed custom supp. I tried custom capsules .com but they dont carry NEARLY a wide enough product mix to do what Im looking for. I also saw C N W has a feature but it doesnt seem to be working...any other ideas?

  2. tattoopierced1
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    buy bulk supps from Nutraplanet and mix them yourself.

  3. i thought customcapsule has alot of stuff......what are you looking for that they dont have?

  4. someplace that has most of the below

    Di creatine malate
    Creatine Gluconate
    Tri creatine orotate (orotine)
    Citrulline Malate
    Beta Alanine
    cinnulin pf
    ala (k or R)

  5. custom capsule will make them for you and nutraplanet you can buy in bulk and get a capping kit from them as well.



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