Best Xenadrine RFA alternative?

  1. Best Xenadrine RFA alternative?

    Hey guys, I've been searching the internet all night and finally found this site!
    After a 4 year "vacation" I've decided to start working out again and am looking for a fat burner supplement.
    Back when I was working out, I used Xenadrine Rfa and loved it!
    I would lose the desired amount of weight in about 2 months.
    This was taking two pills in the morning and two in the afternoon.
    Just wondering what is the best alternative out there now?
    It doesnt matter if it has epherdine or not as I used it off and on for about 3 years with no problems, I just want something that works.
    I would prefer something in one pill without having to stack different products but will consider any suggesstions you guys believe in.
    There are several products (superdrine,megadrine etc.) that claim to have the exact ingrediants as the old Xenadrine, but I want to ask the experts before I lay down the cash.

  2. Also,what is DCP? I've been seeing this a lot on the forum.

  3. Any thoughts?
    I've been reading on here and it seems that Leviathan and DCP stack seem to be popular (still not sure what DCP is.)
    How does this combo stack up to ECA?

  4. On the "fat burner 2007" poll, ECA lead for the best fat burner,surely someone has some suggesstions on a good one out there.

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