need help with my stack

  1. need help with my stack

    currently im taking no xplode before my work out, size on after, and ON protein 30 min after workout and before i go to sleep. i wanted to know if taking lipo 6 to help bun off that little fat i have on my stomach would be a good idea. would the lipo 6 take away from the gains i would get from the extra water that the size on helps to store? any help would be greatly app. Pat

  2. what are your goals and stats?

  3. im 5'8 155 lbs, 8% body fat. im trying to gain lean mass while trying to stay cut

  4. heres my advice. EAT MORE. dont worry about your abs. lean mass will come but bump up the calories or you'll just be wasting your time and money.

  5. i eat a good amount of food, my main ? is would the lipo 6 take away from the gains i would get from the size on

  6. the lipo would probably be hindering your lean mass gains in general. Ive heard of sizeon but im not too sure about it. as a general question tho, sizeon wont hinder your gains from the creatine but im not too familiar with all that stuff in sizeon.

  7. any other imput?

  8. Are you sure your 8% bodyfat? If your 8% bodyfat your abs would be pretty lean/hard. Got any pics? That can help us point you in the right direction more.

    If your wanting to bulk up bit and add some mass, you may sacrifice a little bodyfat if your a fellow natural.

    I bet your diet could use some tweaking though. Why don't you list as specific as you can on what your diet looks like for each meal! Pics too!

  9. you always can try some Leviathan man, i guess that's a pretty good one for lean bulking.

  10. i will try and get pics by tomm., i am pretty cut and lean now and my abs show very good. i want to gain the mass without loosing to much of my def.

  11. Pat your a puss...witht hat out of the way...haha
    Eat right.
    Anabolic Pump-This yourdiet must be in very good shape or you'll get/go hypo(hypoglicemic) feeling.

    Everyone here will say RPM.
    Look at MAN Clout or Body Octane.
    Do not stack all these but maybe RPM and one other one.

    I think you need more mass, fat will go away....


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