Universal Animal Pak/Flex/Pump Alternatives

  1. Universal Animal Pak/Flex/Pump Alternatives

    Universal Animal products make up some of my core supplements for Vit/Min, Joint, and Creatine. I was wanting to know if anyone had any replacement suggestions, or if I should just stick with these as I don't have any problems with them, just wanting to know if I should look at something else. If something were suggested I would like something equal or better than what I'm taking, are around the same price point.

    So...recommend away...

  2. for vit/ min and joints you can try Controlled Labs Orange Triad. Its a combination of a multi vitimin, joint pain releif, and digestion. Its a solid product. If your having any further problems with things such as joint pain i suggest you pick yourself up something like incarnate, the combination of cissus and beta alanine helps fight muscle fatigue while alleviating joint pain. As far as creatine goes you can try mono creatine. Bulk powder is cheap and pretty effective. For something a little classier I recommend Green Magnitude. It's a solid creatine, great tasting, and last for 2+ months. if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

  3. About to wrap up my PAL stack and plan on keeping Incarnate and Reset AD in my daily arsenal. I'll check out those two products you recommended when I get the chance. I appreciate your input.

  4. no problem. check out my detailed green magnitude and white flood log if you want to check the products out some more. I left a heavily detailed log for others to check out.

  5. Any other suggestions?

  6. Bump

  7. dude there are lots of supplements out there that people are going to suggest to you. just try experimenting on your own. for what your using right now, id say its a pretty expensive stack. try to experiment around as there are many choices of multi vits and creatine around. depending on your budget and so on there are things to fit your needs such as bulk creatine, or NOW vitamins which are like 10 bucks. Id think youd like it better if you searched and found your own supplements instead of being told what to buy. just my 2 cents agian man.


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