Biotest T2 or TRX

  1. Biotest T2 or TRX

    Has anyone tried biotest T2 (orig formula) or TRX. How much did you loose on it and ow many mcg's did you take?

  2. Ive been using T2 and I knew I wasnt going to have enough so i ordered S.A.N's Thyro cuts2 which is the same as T2 and trx. They are all the same. I started at 300mcg a day and for the past 5days i've been at 400mcg. Havent really noticed that much, but im already so lean now(3.5weeks till my contest) plus im on an ecy stack. But nothing mind blowing. Hopefully the UCP1 I start tommorow will be though When you start only take 200mcg for a couple days. If you are fine then bump it to 300mcg and if that doesnt really do **** then go to 400mcg. I wouldnt go over 500mcg in 24hours though. Good Luck.

  3. Have you noticed any weight loss, I am trying to decide if I shoud do the Trx @ 400mcg a day or usnic acid at 1000-1250 mgs a day. Anyone experience significant weightloss on t2 or trx?

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