POLL - Pre workout supplements for energy/fat loss and muscle pump

  1. POLL - Pre workout supplements for energy/fat loss and muscle pump

    Looking for suggestion to supplements to take prior to working out. I work out at 5:00 am and need a boost to get me going. I've tried a vast amount of different STIMS, coffee and such and want something better to crank me up.

    Also, I know very little as to supplements other than creatine to produce great PUMPS and something to help keep the pump long (through out the day).

    Some days I get a great pump and some days I cant get a muscle pump to save my life. Either way within a hour or so the pump is usually gone.

    Does anything work.

    Love to see a poll on both of these

  2. Look at how hot it makes them:


  3. RPM, BCAAs, and WMS.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. BSN NO-Explode has always worked for me

  5. Where's the Poll?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    Where's the Poll?
    Yeah. No Pole; no strippers

  7. Sorry forgot to do the whole poll thing but thanks everyone for your opinions.

    I read to much negative stuff on BSN NO-Explode but hey if it works for you, sweet.

    XJSYNX - what do you mean by "Look at how hot it makes them:" I'm not the greatest at understanding this stuff?

    BCAAs - what brand name and dose
    WMS - what is this

  8. Axis Labs SMASH Preworkout
    BSN NO-Xplode

    Axis Labs SMASH gives you more creatine per serving and more servings per tub and is cheaper!

    Many report it tasting better than NO-Xplode aswell.

    However, either will suit what you are looking for.
    I'm Back...

  9. RPM, or Clout, or No-Xplode, or SMASH, or No Shotgun.
    I work out at 5:30am also. I hate getting up early but all these have worked for me. If you are getting used to your preworkout supp try RESET-AD by Palo Alto Labs. It makes them work again.

  10. My pre-work out stim of choice right this sec... SUPERDROL-NG

    It's actually pretty insane!

  11. I've tried almost all stims (miss the old ECA) but dam I needed something to wake me up and crank me through today.

    I'm dying for somthing to give me those great pumps I used to get and didnt know if anything actually help you stay pumped up longer. Want that nice muscle fullness look.

  12. Try Clenbuterol

  13. Poseidon!

    Add your stim of choice... leviathan, lipo6, etc.

    One morning before a fasted cardio session, took the stim and forgot poseidon, felt really slugish. I think the niacin opens up the blood flow and helps me in the AM big time.

    Almost forgot, DCP helps keep me going through the session.

    Don't know if POWERFULL helps motivation or energy directly, but I feel better mentally (ALCAR helps too).

  14. would love clen but not OTC

  15. Cool, Im still reading and trying to descide best supplements for:

    best fast loss
    best pump
    best pre-workout

  16. Vaso-Xplode + Poseidon
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative



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