UCP-1 + v12?

  1. UCP-1 + v12?

    I just placed my order for UCP-1, and am going to take it at the reccomend dose for 2 weeks. My question is this.

    I plan on taking an ECA with it to combat any lethargy. I am also taking V12 and I love it and am responding to it great, should I discontiune V12 while on UCP-1 and then start it back up when I'm done with the UCP-!? Thanks

  2. the decision should be made in regards to what result you're tyring to get out. However, whatever your goal might be, I really dont feel creatine added on with an eca/ucp stack will be too detrimental to either cutting up or gaining mass. Just will result in a less dramatica weight change (up or down) all while lean mass is very obtainable. Unless you're real set on shredding pounds off your current frame, i dont find it necessary to take the v12 out. (doesnt hurt to have more volume and vasodialation either )

  3. i wouldn't mix ucp-1 with anything.

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