caffeine dosage

  1. caffeine dosage

    I have caffeine pills, 100mg each. They have lost there kick with me even though I am only taking 1-2 a day and following the directions of spacing them out by atleast 3 hours.
    I am doing fasted cardio each morning and my plan is to take 1 pill in the morning and thats it but I am thinking about increasing it to 2 pills. Would this be a good or bad idea? the only negative side effects I am get off caffeine is dry retching, and heartburn(hence the no 2nd dose).

  2. 100 mg of caffiene = 1 cup black coffee. I don't think it will have any ill effects, I drink at least 2 cups of coffee in the morning without any negative effects to report.

  3. You can take two.. seems like you're increasing your tolerance to caffeine, which is not surprising. A lot of stim fatburners have ~200mg per serving

  4. just try to cycle off the caffiene after you've lost some weight. that will lower your tolerance again.

  5. I think I'm pretty much dead to caffiene now. I drink about four cups of coffee with breakfast, and have 400mg during workouts. It's sort of a habit to take it now. I don't think it really does anything.

    This reminds me of that episode of Saved by the Bell where Denise was hooked on caffiene pills and they made it out to be like it was heroin. ha.

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