Winter Bulk Check list

  1. Winter Bulk Check list

    Im going to take advantage of the labor day sale @ Nutra Planet and larger paycheck I just got. Im going to be running 3 week Superdrol/IGF-1(mon/wed/fri) and then 3 week P.C.T w/ IGF-1(mon/wed/fri). Am I missing anything

    Qut. Item
    2 Cycle Support
    1 X-Lean
    1 500gr Taurine
    1 150gr Yellow Gold
    1 ON Opti-Men

    * I already have a SERM, RPM, Alpha Drive, 20lbs of True Protein & 10lbs Waxy Maize ohh and the regs.....Creatine/Glutamine/BCAA.

    I just feel like im missing somthing anything else to throw into the mix?
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  2. Depends on your goals...

  3. Add size and strength. I dont care much about adding fat the IGF-1 should do a pretty good job keeping that at bay. I titled it "Winter Bulking Check List"
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  4. My question is: Why the Taurine

    Besides that I might add some RPM because on Sd and IGf you can afford to really kick your @ss in the gym and grow.

  5. im sure the taurine is for back pumps as superdrol is notorious for these

  6. Yep, I had terrible back pumps last run, I also have RPM already. I picked up some a few months ago during another sale.

    Im a big fan of taurine though. I really notice extra muscle fullness when taken with creatine. I can tell the days I take it and days I dont. I want to mega dose it while on superdrol and see how the pumps are, muscle pumps not back.
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  7. much taurine u recomend in cycle?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bigschmidt821 View Post much taurine u recomend in cycle?
    When I was on M1T I was doing 8gr a day and really never had any problems. 2morning, 2.5 pre-workout, 1 during, 2.5 post workout.
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