Adipokinetix by Forge (a weird side effect)

  1. Adipokinetix by Forge (a weird side effect)

    Today is my 3rd try on this, and I took 2 pills in the morning. Soon after, around 30 minutes or so and I started to feel like my lungs were about to collapse. Breathing was starting to get hard and at times I felt like I forgot to breath.

    Shall I move back to 1 cap in the morn and 1 cap in the afternoon or just stop taking it all together?

  2. Stop taking all together.

  3. Wise Call.
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    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  4. Looks like a severe one, I would def. stop it or eat tons of food before taking 1 cap.

  5. Well I guess I may have to throw it away after 1 more shot, with food this time around. Other than that, into the garbage it goes. Thank you for all your inputs.


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