Is this place legit?

  1. Is this place legit? I oredered some 1-test from these guys on the 27th. i left an email the other day to the sales department and they said we get it in batches we are waiting for the new batch. Ok that fine, if its true, but no notification by email? Are these guys ****ing me or what?

  2. no they are a legit site--i got some liquid clen from them a few moths back

  3. ok anybody else?

  4. Yes, the site you pm'd me on is owned by them. They are 100% legit. Direct all emails to them!

  5. ok thanks guys just wanted to get some insurance.

  6. kinda ****ty that are taking orders and not shipping..........they shouldn't taken mony if they don't have to product....

  7. Yes and another good point.

    The biggest problem i have is that they gave me no notification. I gave them the bennefit of the doubt and didnt bother them for over 2 weeks.


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