Activate Xtreme? worth it for a 20 year old?

  1. Activate Xtreme? worth it for a 20 year old?

    I've been doing my research on activate xtreme, and have looked at the countless threads referencing it.
    I have also seen some 18-19 year olds on the forums who have included activate in their stacks.

    My question is....will activate xtreme give noticable gains and do anything for testosterone levels for men in this age group?...seeing how on most hormonal/testosterone boosting products the majority of the board members say there is no use for them in teh 18-20 age group.

    I'm currently 20 years old, and bulking with:

    I'm about to order my second bottle of x-factor and was wondering if it would be worth the money to give activate xtreme a try since the board members have been saying most 20 year olds have enough testosterone naturally- YET, i have seen many good reviews with stacking x-factor and activate.

    Is it worth the money for a 20 year old? Thanks in advance for any input and advice.

  2. you know, i'm beginning to suspect that it's not really a good idea to play around with these so called "natural anabolic" products, unless you're already coming off of a serious cycle.

    sure, lots of products look great and promise rapid gains with little to no sides. but how can you really be sure what the effects of the "active" ingredients are? i just did a cycle of natty products that were supposed to raise my test, while lowering estrogen and cortisol.

    i've been off the stuff now for a good few weeks and the results of my bloodwork show that my test is low, while estrogen and cortisol are high--- pretty much a complete rebound. and i'm a young guy so i doubt these levels are normal.

    not to accuse anything 100% of being faulty... but who's to say with any certainty what these types of designer products do? just gotta be careful.

  3. Dude, stay with X-Factor and creatine type supplements with protein added in your stack as well. Leave the boosters alone until you feel you "have" to use them.

  4. listen man. im 18 so i know your frustration of wanting to be on these supps. you just gotta wait it out. creatine and protien are you best bet now. that and a good diet. our test. lvls r so high now on their own they dont need anything else.

    the protien i have now is gainer matrix. its high in carbs so unless youre over weight id recommend that.

    may not be what you wanted to hear but its the truth and everyone will agree.
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  5. one word. NOPE. You still have a natural ability. It's natural but I don't think you really need it.JMO

  6. Thanks for the replies. That answered everything...and saved me 36 bucks! I'm just going to buy my 2nd bottle of x-factor, swole v.3 and some more xtend! Thanks guys.

  7. don't forget your protein...

  8. Good Move, Tweak your diet and You should still be able to grow like a Weed.

  9. My diet is pretty damn least I think so

    Oats/protein powder/peanut buttermilk all blended into a shake EVERY morning @ 7am (supps= xfactor)

    Lean meat and veggies with some complex carbs (e.g. 2 chicken breast/small amount of brown rice/green beans/handful of almonds) (1 xfactor)

    Same type of meal as above at 1pm (its either chicken/top sirloin/tuna/turkey patties with wheat bread/brown rice and veggies ) (1 xfactor)

    @4pm I drink the same shake i did in the morning for a preworkout meal. and between 4-5 i'm sipping on my xtend/vasocharge/glycergrow stack and 1 xfactor.

    5pm-6pm i'm working out (MAX OT)

    630pm i'm having my post workout meal - usually chicken/fish/steak with brown rice/sweet potato and veggies.

    9pm i have a high protein/fat meal. either 3 eggs and 2 egg whites with low fat cheese and milk. Or a protein shake with protein powder/milke/peanut butter.

    calories are around 3,000-3500. I'm 5'9" 206lbs around 14-15%bf.

    I'm putting my order in for swole/xtend/2nd bottle of xfactor tonight...any suggestions?

  10. wow. youre diet is well thought out. good job with that. yea dude just get the supps youve regularly used and use them. maybe switch around and try different ones. im always up for trying new supps but you really wanna find something that works for you and stick.

    once you plateau is when youll have to "broaden your horizon" and thats what im working to now. ive got a while to go though. couple years probably.

  11. Good diet, and I see you listen to the ones who want to help. If you get nettle, you probably will end up with tons of acne, and regret it. Wait it out and you'll be rewarded. Now your 2nd bottle of XFactor will impress you. It's just the beginning


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