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  1. Valerian Root

    anyone use this for anxiety and /or muscle cramps? i have herniated discs in my back and i experience tightness on a reg basis .because of working shift work i experience some anxiety too witching from night to day work someone recommended this and after reading up on this i wanna try it.before i order the 50 grams of powder wanted to see if i could find any feedback on this

  2. I've had a surgery four years ago due to three ruptured discs.
    I've tried everything from acupuncture to pain killers.
    I can say for sure that valerian root doesn't work for muscle pain. Especially, if you took lot of pain medications before.
    Best thing for your lower back is inversion table.

    And as for anxiety usage, I think the results vary greatly since the cause of one's anxiety is totally unique to that individual. You would probably have to take significant amount.

    Good luck.

  3. my discs are not degenerating..i used a chiropractor for years..i have tightness in my neck and traps.found it for 6 bucks for 500 grams so i figure why not give it a go just wanted some feedback if anyone used anx kicks in at night adjusting to day shift and only day is def disrupting my circadian i figure why not before i see a dr and get lunestra for very occaisional use

  4. it is more of a muscle relaxer than a pain reliever.

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