Gut Health . . . for gas/IBS

  1. Gut Health . . . for gas/IBS

    so far it's no working, I still have just as much gas, lol...

    it's only day 2...I took one pill first day, and I took one pill with breakfast today and plan on taking one with dinner...

    does this stuff take a while to be effective because (in terms of reducing gas) I havn't noticed a difference yet?

  2. It took about a week to fully kick in for me. Once it does, it REALLY helps.

  3. Agreed. Give it time.... it needs to build up. It's not a drug per se..... but a collection of deliciously beneficial bacteria and other yumminess.

  4. Arent you supposed to preload/doulbe up the first week to get things growing the right way first. Might want to double check the dosing info.

    I used it (4 bottles) and I loved it, I think it works great when consuming lots of food/bulking up. I just cant afford IT right now along with everything else, so I am going to cycle gut health and inferior products for a while. A month on the good stuff(guthealth) and a month or two on the other probiotics.

  5. Can you clarify this product? I am plagued by The Initials (IBS) and take Imodium AD like candy. My Dr prescribed the active ingredient, but it's less expensive for me to buy the OTC Imodium. I'd appreciate any info you have.

  6. JRM, go to and search for it. Good stuff, kinda like the healthy flora you hear about being added in yogurt and cheese nowadays.

  7. At the risk of going to far....

    How does this help with the diarrhea aspect of IBS?

  8. It should definitely help with respect to your gas/IBS issues. Try to take the recommended dose for the first 5 days, i.e. 2 pills a day. As the others have stated, you should start to see a reduction in your IBS symptoms by about a week, though it may vary amongst individuals.

    If you are yet to read the article above, it outlines the various ways in which Gut health can assist you not only for IBS but for a whole host of general health aspects as well.

    I would be very interested to see how this works out for you, please keep us updated!


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