MassFX/Hyperdrol 2 and Pulsing Questions

  1. MassFX/Hyperdrol 2 and Pulsing Questions

    Ok, for those of you unfamiliar with me I used to post on this board about a year or so ago quite often. Since then I have joined a powerlifting gym and have competed in one raw meet so far. Not that it matters, but my current stats are 6 foot 2 weighing in at 204. At my last meet I was around 220 during my training, but had finals the week of the meet and dropped to below that and rebounded after to 223.

    My training log can be viewed at MMI as I update it very regularly. My dieting is extremely clean for a powerlifter and I have all of my training cycles set up by experienced people so those variables are taken care of.

    My next meet is in 11 weeks and I am currently coming out of a 10 week layoff because I was in Africa. I have been back for two weeks and my strength is almost normal and I will be starting a MassFX/Retain cycle next week.

    Here is my ultimate question now that the preface is done:
    In about 3 to 5 weeks I was thinking of starting a pulse cycle using a Superdrol clone and/or Epistane. I checked out the pulse cycle results thread (read all of it) and am just looking for a basic reccomendation of how I should switch up my MassFx and Hyperdrol 2 doses once the pulse commences. Obviously my goals out of this are simply strength and mass, so this also leads me to seek maybe more of a 'wet' compound like PP to pulse as well.

    Anyways, all comments are appreciated and it's good to be back over here at AM!

  2. Bump, someone has to have an answer

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