Confused on iSatori's Isa Test

  1. Confused on iSatori's Isa Test

    ISA-TEST 2x w/ Testofen - Forums

    It says every two capsules contain 25mg of Testofen, however Testofen is listed as their main ingredient. Testofen's new study show 98% free test increase at a dosage of 600mg a day. In this case this product is severly underdosed, anyone have feedback on this?

  2. DAMN - I cannot believe you came to AM with a BB link...

    Yeah, Ive got feedback - IT SUCKS!

  3. Is that 600 mg of the extracted compund, or 600 mg of plant?

    (I had a look.... and I'm missing the 600 mg part)

  4. Here is the study it is in there somewhere.
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