1-c v powerfull v bulk powerfull

  1. 1-c v powerfull v bulk powerfull

    I'm going to be placing an order soon and would like to get some input on it. I've used the new powerfull and have been pretty impressed by it. My recovery has improved drastically which has also helped my motivation to work out. I've read that 1-c is the active ingredient in the new powerfull so is that worth getting instead especially since it's quite cheap in bulk? I've also read that there a number of people who swear by the orgininal bulk powerfull even after they have tried the new stuff. Any experiences here with these choices.

  2. I use the bulk powerfull.... it is cheap and work greats. I love the sleep it gives me and i look leaner after a week or two, and recovery is alot better. You cant lose!

  3. I love bulk powerfull as well. Helps me sleep and I wake up leaner.

  4. isnt 1-c in the original powerfull? i think powerfull is 1-c with mucuna puriens

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