Yohimbe is scaring me...

  1. Yohimbe is scaring me...

    I have been researching Atro-phex (sp?) and I have come across some articles that had lots of warnings about taking Yohimbe. I have been competing for about seven months, now and have never taken Yohimbe before.

    Does anyone know from experience if this stuff is safe?


  2. Its safe in the amounts suggested. Taken it for years now, I am still alive and kicking!

  3. My advice..start a low dose..say 2.5 mg and work your way up just to test the waters.

  4. What are the dangers?

    Also be careful to not drink too much water, you can dilute your blood levels of minerals and kill yourself....now that's scarey!

    Much Love,


  5. elevated BP, cardiac arrythmias, anxiety/panic reactions.

  6. I reacted bad years ago with yohimbe. I had major anxiety issues while taking it. They all stopped when i stopped taking yohimbe

  7. Kewl thanks for the info guys. Didn't know that.

  8. Yohimbine doesn't bother me at all...I love the results I am seeing also.


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