new cycle..thoughts?

  1. Thumbs up new cycle..thoughts?

    going to run 6 weeker.

    1-ad , methyl-plex and megazol bridged cycle.

    week 1: mp 10mg/mzol 200mg
    week 2: mp 20mg/mzol 300mg
    week 3: mp 20mg/1 ad 200mg
    week 4: mp 10mg/1 ad 400mg
    week 5: 1 ad 600mg/mzol 200mg
    week 6: 1 ad 600mg/mzol 300mg

    thoughts?? pct all lined up, standard stuff. standard cycle support as well. (milk thistle, hawthorn, saw palmetto, etc..)

    as well as usual supps. whey and casein, creatine, dhea, glutamine...

  2. I dont know anything about megazol but you might be lethargic with the 1AD and plex. You might want to add some stime or if you have any 4AD lying around that would be nice.

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