MHP Sarm-X ??

  1. MHP Sarm-X ??

    Is it Good ??

  2. It's ALMOST as good as that little bottle of liquid they sell at GNC with the angry looking Gorilla on it. Almost.

  3. no dont waste your money. there are much better products

  4. lol lanbabe so it isn't like being on steroids???? damn those ads always get me!

  5. hahaha dont worry Im not goin to buy it ! I was just wondering if it was good! (sorry for my english ... im from Quebec ,Canada)

  6. no problem man yeah with all the misleading ads out there its hard to seperate whats and whats not but i think ull find the consensus on sarm-x is that its a bunk product, what kind of product are you looking for specifically? check out some of the sites board sponsors their products are quality


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