bulk cissus

  1. bulk cissus

    what do you guys mix it with?

  2. Cherry sugar free KoolAid

  3. Eww, i wouldn't even attempt to mix it. It will just clump together and be a nasty blob. Either cap it, or put it right on your tongue and wash it down with a tasty beverage. I would not recommend mixing it, but thats just me.

  4. It doesnt taste that bad

    but I cap

  5. It all depends on which cissus you have. The one from USP labs (grey powder) tastes like a$$ but its effective, the other one tastes OK kinda like tea, but it sucks as far as results go IMO.

  6. I wasn't really referring to taste, but mixability as cissus doesn't dissolve but in my one experience just clumped into a nasty ball. It seemed like it almost repelled the liquid. I just put it on my tongue and drink it down.

  7. The only one so far that I have problems with is Yellow Gold. I got it yesterday and I swear that it is battery acid!! I use the parachuting technique until I get a capping kit (or when they get em back in stock at nutra)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by hardestgainer View Post
    what do you guys mix it with?
    Try Tea flavoured drinks (either iced tea, or tea crystal light). The earthiness should help cover the cissus taste.
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  9. thanks for your input guys

  10. I just put it in water. Swallow.

  11. I drop a 1/4 tsp on tongue and chase with water. Most of the time it goes down nice and easy, but you get those rare times where it sticks to the tongue or the back of the throat, not so pleasant then. haha


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