Summary of Anorect-In

1st, it does what it says. It does suppress appetite for 1 -1 1/2 hours, and does that w/ in 1-2 minutes.

There is little to no "upper" high. No jitters like eca. Just a mild increased sense of awareness. I found this to be helpful, b/c I was able to sleep while on it.

It definitely helped me to keep me from binging.

On the bad side, I did have feelings of emptiness in my stomach thus signaling my brain to eat. Water helped as did healthy/ low caolrie snacks.

You also build up a tolerance for the stuff, but everybody knows that the 1st couple of days on a diet are the worst.

In all I would rate this as a solid product, but has to be a part of a good diet. I lost in all a total approximately 15 pounds, but I attribute this to my keto diet (1st time). Though Anorect-In helped keep me on my diet.

I would suggest this product for people who have a hard time sticking to their diet.

Thanks to Avant for providing me w/ a free sample. Any and all questions welcome.