German American Supps?

  1. German American Supps?

    Has anyone here heard of or used products by German American Technologies? I bought their Glutamine Peptides product and looked at their line and was surprised to see that they sell some PHs, among more "normal" supplements and an energy supplement that has positive reviews "in bulk" (hint).

    Anyone have an opinion on this outfit?

  2. I was looking at their line as well looks like good stuff to me. Im sure they are a respectable company too, at least thats what i gather...I made a request for Nutra to carry more of their products but nothing so far.

    What products where you looking at particularly?

  3. As dumb as it sounds, I was looking for a good "pump" product, and their NO product jumped out at me as well as their energy supplement.

    I want something to give me "mind blowing pumps" like I got from Havoc, but haven't used anything that can come close. I have quite a bit of ALRI's WTF Pump'd left, but it's not doing the job like it did during the first week of use.

    Any recommendations?


  4. actually i dont know what other product i was looking atfrom them doesnt look that good actually. Im not quite sure what to reccommend i dont take supplements for pump but CEE gives a good pump so does RPM. Arginine based products or NO products will give nice pumps, youd have to look around. Or as for the best pump product out.

  5. hey ive never tried havoc so i can't really compare but p-slin is supposed to give some pretty amazing pumps supposed to be fuller feeling than an arginine/NO pump


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