starting out / need help

  1. starting out / need help

    Im new at all of this. I need advice on losing weight and starting to build muscle. Im already eating right and doing cardio. I really need to drop some pounds. I was told leviathon works well. I need all the help I can get. Thanks.

  2. Well if your new to it, then just stick with it. You aren't going to get instant results, it does take time. Start hitting the weights if you aren't already. As far as advice goes, read through the weight loss and nutrition threads, you should find a lot of general information there that should be able to help you out. My tip would be to do fasted cardio because most people see really good results with it.

  3. As far as Leviathan goes, it is a really good product. I have only used the free sample I received in the mail, but it gave me some really good clean energy and I had great workouts both days I used it. Go to the Palo Alto Labs section or to the logs and read some of the reviews on it.

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