Anyone tried Nectar?

  1. Question Anyone tried Nectar?

    has anyone tried Nectar? hows the taste? results? better than choc., vanilla, etc. flavored shakes? how does it compare to regular fruit juice?

    sorry for the ?'s but need some feedback.

    ive been using Isopure for the last 100 years. i wanted to maybe try out a juice type drink since its summer.


  2. oops, i guess i should have looked around more. i just saw the mayor's thread on it.

    oh well, anyone else?

  3. I have tried Nectar (berry flavor), and oh man was it good!

    Mix some of it with lime flavored Phosphagen HP and does it taste good!

    By itself I think it taste just like instant cherry jello. And who DOESN'T like cherry jello??

    It is a very welcome change from the creamy flavores (choclate, vanilla, strawberry), and the results while on it were staisfactory.

  4. I've got some coming in the mail pretty soon. I'll let you know.

  5. Originally posted by boffo234
    And who DOESN'T like cherry jello??

    There's always room for jell-o!!!

    its seems pretty cheap too.

    eheh, thx let me know Sheesh.

  6. There Caribean cooler tastes just like pina colada(or as close as a protein could come).

  7. I have tried both the Apple and Caribbean cooler. They are easily best tasting protein shakes I've ever had. If you're going to try only one of them get the Apple.

  8. bump on the pina colada...not bad at all ...just glad to have something besides choc and van.

  9. sweet. im sold must go buy now.

    there pretty cheap too. il get one of each. it would be nice to have some MRP's. it would probably taste even better with some malto or dextro.

    c'mon Syntrax boys!!! i want MRP's!!!!!

    thx guys--


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